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03/29/16 ritreasury.nextrequest.com/requests/16-10   Amanda Lucas
03/28/16 In accordance with the Rhode Island Access to Public Records Act, we are respectfully requesting ... General Treasury Amanda Lucas
03/22/16 For as far back as such records are available and then up to the current day, a complete listing ... General Treasury Amanda Lucas
03/18/16 I am requesting copies of all documents submitted in response to the Request for Proposals and Qu... General Treasury Amanda Lucas
03/11/16 I would like to kindly get access to the delinquent property tax roll list. Can you help? General Treasury Amanda Lucas
03/11/16 Greetings,
This email communication is a formal request for a copy of your county’s “excess fu...
Amanda Lucas
03/08/16 Under the Public Records Act we request access and copies of the following:

1. Unclaimed...
General Treasury Amanda Lucas
02/29/16 I am writing to your office to request some inforamtion from the Rhode Island Department of Corre... General Treasury Amanda Lucas
02/25/16 I am looking for a Dec. 31 quarterly investment report for the state's deferred compensation plan... Amanda Lucas
02/25/16 In accordance with the Access to Public Records law (APRA), I hereby request the following inform... General Treasury Amanda Lucas
02/12/16 I am writing your office to try to get some answers about the State's Budget.  In particular abou... General Treasury Amanda Lucas
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