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We currently have a profile on the Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island, and I was wondering if you could assist me in updating some information with regards to the alternative investments of the retirement system:


  • What is the Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island current total assets under management (We have USD 7222 million)?
  • Is Pension Consulting Alliance and Wilshire Associates still the investment consultants of the retirement system? (Yes/No)
  • Is the retirement system still invested in private equity?

o   If so what is the current and target allocations to private equity (7.16%, 7%  respectively)?

o   Does the retirement system invest in any private equity co-investments, buy/sell funds on the secondary market, or consider being a first close investor?

o   Are there any plans to further invest in private equity within the next 12 months? (Yes/No)

  • How many investments?
  • With new and/or existing managers?
  • Fund type preferences (buyout, growth, fund of funds, venture, etc.)?
  • Geographical preferences (North America, Europe, Global, etc.)?
  • How much do you plan to allocate?


April 12, 2016 via email


General Treasury





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Amanda Lucas

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Response provided.

April 26, 2016, 4:13pm
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April 14, 2016, 9:27am
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