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This email communication is a formal request for a copy of your county’s “excess funds list,” which I believe is maintained by your department. In case of any confusion, the excess funds to which I am
referring are those arising in the case of a bid over the amount of property taxes owed at tax sale. I am only looking for uncollected surplus funds on unredeemed properties.
The information I need from the records is the tax sale date, owner’s name, either the property address or owner’s mailing address, and the amount of surplus funds due the owner. If you have these records in electronic format, I’d prefer the information that way. Otherwise, please let me know how much a hard copy of your list will be, and where and to whom to mail the check.
If you do not maintain a list of these surplus amounts, any advice on how I could collect that information from existing files you have would be very much appreciated!
If I have reached the wrong department, I would very much appreciate this email being forwarded to the correct department, with a carbon copy sent to me.
If there is anything I can do to aid or expedite the process, please let me know, as I’m eager to do whatever I can to make your job easier.
Thanks in advance, Rashid Valladares
P.S. Although I know almost everyone in your office is likely familiar with the tax and public records access code, for quick reference and to allay any possible confusion about whether it may be permissible to allow the public inspection of the records, I’ve copied pertinent excerpts of Rhode Island. Thanks again.

§ 44-9-37 Surplus proceeds from sale without foreclosure. – If the amount received from the sale is more than the taxes, interest and charges, and subsequent taxes and assessments, on all land included in the sale, together with the expenses of the sale, the balance shall be deposited with the city or town treasurer to be paid to the person entitled to it if demanded within five (5) years, otherwise it shall enure to the city or town. If the surplus results from the sale of several parcels for a lump sum, it shall be held for the several owners in proportion to the prices at which the several parcels were originally assessed by the city or town.


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